Affiliate Program

Earn significantly without investing a single cent


Just like any other investment company, we are interested in increasing our fund assets and we are proud to offer you beneficial partnership with great advantages. You have a great opportunity to earn significantly without investing a single cent!
We offer our customers an affiliate program with favorable multi-levels 5% - 2% - 1% commission for each deposit received from your referrals until 3 level depth. This includes both the initial and any additional deposits made by your referrals.


Thinking to earn significantly without investing a single cent?

With Gagwire Limited you absolutely can!

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program encourages customers to make Gagwire Limited service more popular and make money from it too by becoming a real partner of the company. Everyone can be engaged in investing and simultaneously participate in our affiliate program, or simply be a partner and build an own global business while being a partner of a successful investment company.

The participation in the affiliate program implies referring new clients to Gagwire Limited through a personal referral link. Each client can find a referral partner link in the account area. Those clients, who are registered on your referral link, will be defined as your referrals. By distributing a referral link to your friends and acquaintances, as well as placing our banners with your referral link, you get a chance to earn a percentage of each new customer who followed a referral link and made a deposit. This is an excellent opportunity for additional earnings through the receipt of interest from each new referral, which has registered by your link and made deposit in our company.

There is no need to have an active deposit to earn referral commission. Commissions are paid immediately into your account as soon as your referral makes a deposit.

How Gagwire Limited Affiliate Program works?

Gagwire Limited offers one of the best affiliate program in the industry. With our affiliate program, you can attract people to our website and earn multi-level 5% - 2% - 1% commission on the funds they amass. To get your commission you need not to have an active deposit or perform any task.

For instance, if your direct referral make $1,000 deposit, you will receive $50 right away. Meanwhile, if then he/she make new deposit of $2,000 the next day, you will receive $100 right away. It means as long as your referrals make new deposits, your account benefits of their investments.

Further scenario, if your 2nd level referral make $2,000 deposit, you will receive $40 right away. If your 3nd level referral make $2,500, you will receive $25 right away.